Frequently Asked Questions

1. Question: Where do I obtain my report?

Answer: You can find your report after completing the questionnaire on the result page; there are 2 yellow buttons. 1. Labelled 'REPORT' for you to access the comprehensive report. 2nd Yellow button labelled 'DOWNLOAD CERTIFICATE' is for your certificate. It will auto-download after clicking.

2. Question: Why is my name different on my certificate?

Answer: Ensure your name field on your profile is accurate. Click the 3 horizontal lines, next to the little human shape at the top of the page. Then click user profile, After updating the name field, download the certificate again; your name will be accurate to your input.

3. Where is my receipt?

Answer: If you have not received an email with your payment receipt, please check your Spam folder, as it might have been mistakenly filtered there. If you still can't find the email, you can email support at

4. Question: The personality type I received on your test differs from the one I got on another website. Why?

Answer: Different websites may use similar acronyms for personality types, but their meanings and interpretations can vary. Our website follows a specific theoretical model, and the meanings of the personality type codes may differ from those on other platforms. It's essential to understand the theoretical approach used by each website before comparing results. You can find detailed information about our theoretical model on our website.

5. Question: I retook the personality test after some time and received a different result. Why?

Answer: Our test questions are continuously refined to improve accuracy and reliability. If your initial scores were low, retaking the test might result in a slightly different personality type assignment. Additionally, your mood and circumstances can influence your responses. When answering the questions, it's essential to consider your typical and most frequent behaviours over time.

6. Question: I liked my results from the career package and would like to upgrade to the full report; how do I do this?

Answer: On your report page, at the bottom after the 12 topic sections. There is a button to upgrade to the full report. After payment, the full report will automatically unlock.

7. Question: Do you offer team reports or workshops?

Answer: Yes, we offer a bulk multi license package, contact to receive the licenses and information.

8. Question: Do you sell personal data to other companies or use it for advertising purposes?

Answer: No, we do not sell personal data to other companies or use it for advertising purposes. Our focus is on understanding personality traits for personal growth and development. We maintain strict privacy standards and do not display external advertisements on our website.

9. Question: Is there an offline version of your personality test?

Answer: Currently, we do not offer an offline version of our personality test. The test is available for online use only.

10. Question: Is your personality test reliable and valid?

Answer: Yes, our personality test has undergone rigorous testing and validation processes. It has demonstrated reliability and validity. You can find more information about the reliability and validity of our test on our website.

11. Question: Can I use your personality test to assess job applicants?

Answer: Our personality test and type descriptions are designed for personal development and self-understanding. They are not intended for professional assessment for selection purposes. We do not recommend using our test to screen for job applicants. It is a very handy tool to assess an individual's personality to help find the right position for the right person, and To help get a general overview of an individual's character.

12. Question: Can I add a link to your website to my blog/project/course, etc.?

Answer: Absolutely! You are welcome to add a link to our website, including the personality test, on your blog, project, course, or any other relevant platform. There is no need to ask for our explicit permission as long as you are linking to a public page. We appreciate your support and sharing our resources with others.